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Passive Income For 
Top Producing Sales Professionals

Download our RETIRE WITHIN 10 Bundle!

You'll get: 

1. Our RETIRE WITHIN 10 Calculator: So you can map out how fast you can retire with our investing strategy

​2. The Top Secret Investing Strategy For Sales Professionals ebook: This walks you through exactly how our strategy works and why it's perfect for sales pros. 

3. Secret Bonus Gift: Something that takes most people 12+ investments to get you'll get right away


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We help high-achieving sales professionals beat burnout by turning commission checks into predictable and passive income.

With our large investor base we're able to leverage stronger terms and better partners within the real estate syndication & fund space

Our offerings provide stronger returns and high-level tax advantages in a vehicle that performs well during recession


We help sales professionals fast track their retirement by replacing their commission income with passive income before they burnout. We accomplish this by pooling together resources from top producers from around the country to leverage our way into bigger, better, and more exclusive investments. This gives us access to better deals, institutional-grade operators, and more favorable terms.


The 2 Step Formula

The formula used by the RETIRE WITHIN 10 Calculator to expedite your retirement. Looking at your investments through the lens of these 2 phases will help you execute on your journey to retirement.


Multiply Your Investments

The first step to RETIRE WITHIN 10 is to multiply your investments with assets that provide a mixture of cash flow to reduce risk, and growth to hit your 'Freedom Number' fast. While using high-level tax strategies to keep your money and defer, or eliminate your taxes (consult your personal tax counsel before making any investment decisions).

Cash Flow

Turn Your Portfolio Into Retirement

Once your portfolio has hit your 'Freedom Number', pull back the growth and lean heavier on cash flowing assets. This strategy involves your cash giving you cash flow every single month at a consistent rate so you can reduce, and eliminate, your dependency on your commission income. Retiring with cash flow as opposed to age.

Unique Scale & Access

By joining Presidents Club Investors, you're getting access to some of the most exclusive deals available. 

Previously, only family offices or large hedge funds could invest in these highly attractive deals because only they had the buying power to attract the attention of these institutional operators. It's how the rich kept getting richer. 

Now, groups like ours have opened up the possibilities for retail investors to break through into advanced, recession resilient investments with historically stronger returns & tax benefits.

Asset classes we're excited about this year
Short Term Rentals
Low-Income Housing

Very high cash flow with our institutional partner in the space. Almost all the competition are small 'mom-and-pop' owners.

One of the biggest needs in our country right now. Very stable returns with huge demand, consistent government payments & additional tax credits. 

Self-Storage Facilities

Historically a very recession resilient asset class. Small owners with insufficient operations leaves opportunities to add value after acquisition.


Freedom is the New Success

Control is one of the greatest opportunities we have. 

It's why many of us got into sales - a role where we can control our outcome.

Having control of your investments gives you the power to significantly reduce, and eventually eliminate your dependency on your regular income.


Nothing is out of your reach

You’re Invited to Become a Presidents Club Investor

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