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About Presidents Club Investors

Investing In Life


Amplify Your Fortune with Trade-Secret Opportunities

Presidents Club Investors are committed to self-improvement and taking control of their own life.

Imagine being free from the limitations of conventional earning and stepping into the next realm of possibility and opportunity.

To Do This We:

Share our knowledge and commit to education


Strengthen & amplify each other's resolve & growth


Prioritize relationships to access exclusive opportunities


Focus on compounding effort


Offer the best investments possible


Commit to achieving greatness every day


Justin Moy

Managing Partner

"The Presidents Club Investor"

Marketing & Sales professional, investor, and Podcaster. 

One of my favorite things to do is meet high-achievers who demand more from life, and expect higher of themselves and their network. 

I spend most of my free time training competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, playing tennis, and lifting weights.


We are The Presidents Club Investors

Our elite group of investors includes other top performers and high achievers in their field. 


They all define success, not in prestigious accolades and credentials, but in personal growth, deep relationships, and the continuous pursuit of more.

Join us and become a Presidents Clu Investor.


Passive Income Means Living More Life

After working our asses off, we found that passive real estate investing was the best backdoor avenue to jump into a new realm of personal freedom, possibility and independence. We provide investment opportunities to top producing sales professionals because that’s who we are and were.


In our experience there has been no faster way to convert your current high income into passive income so you can reduce, then eliminate your dependency on your high sales income (and your high sales hours). 

Burnout is all too real in our industry, and there isn't anybody coming to save us. But, by investing together, educating each other, and leveraging relationships, we can do what we've always done...create our own path, take control of our own lives, and achieve at the highest level.

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